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5 Efficient House Maintenance Tips


There is a science to maintaining a sparkling home, and while some people have a natural knack for it, others might feel it’s a lost cause. If you’re the latter, don’t give up hope. It may take a little practice before things come naturally to you, but implementing a few easy tips into your daily household routine will make everyday cleaning challenges a breeze. Clean Queen has put together our top house maintenance tips!

Since keeping a healthy living environment is often easier said than done, calling in professional house cleaning services might help get your Central Park residence into a manageable state more efficiently. Nonetheless, if you’d rather learn how to tackle it yourself, make sure you put the following advice to use.

How do you clean your house like a professional

How do you clean your house like a professional?

To make most of your time, we rounded up crucial steps that will help you deal with household chores faster:

1. Create a checklist

Feeling like you’ve been working forever but still keep forgetting something or skipping a vital task? Instead of wasting precious time double-checking everything and doing the job twice, write down a list of chores for each room and check them off as you go – this way you’ll always know how much you have left to do on your path to cleaning up the mess.

2. Use the right tools for the job

When it comes to handling floors, countertops, ceiling vents, or anything else, remember that using the proper equipment can make the entire process painless. In this case, we’re talking about essential housekeeping supplies like microfiber cloth, flexible duster, and non-toxic agents that will cut the regular home upkeep in half.

3. Tackle one task at a time

Trying to do the laundry while also wiping down windows will only impede your progress, which is why it’s vital to go to one room at a time. By limiting back and forth trips between different rooms and focusing on certain areas, you’ll save energy and speed up your cleaning, allowing you to take on even bigger projects next time around.

4. Work smarter, not harder

Establishing a strategy is the best way to make sure you’re using your energy effectively. Although this often requires taking a few extra minutes to find the right method, you’ll flow through the process much faster once you’ve got it down. For example, pros always rely on the top-to-bottom or left-to-right method to avoid backtracking and get the job done right.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Although asking for help is tough for most people, delegating some of the household duties will definitely speed up the housework process. So, if you’re always the only one working around the house, this is a good moment to involve your family and lighten the workload. Ask your partner, kids or a roommate to lend a helping hand and cover the most hated chores or sets of tasks you don’t have time to tackle. 

Who offers comprehensive house cleaning services in Central Park

Who offers comprehensive house cleaning services in Central Park?

If you’re looking for top-top bottom house cleaning services in Central Park, formerly known as Stapleton, you’re at the right place. Clean Queen is here to provide you with an array of specialized cleaning services that will not only keep your place spic and span but will also have long-term effects on your health. Backed with years of expertise, our team of knowledgeable and skilled professionals is at your disposal, whether you live near Central Park station or elsewhere in the area. 

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