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Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Dirty Basement


The more rooms you have to clean and maintain, the easier it is to neglect your basement. Although you don’t visit it very often, after a while you start to worry about the mold, and it becomes easier to find a cobweb than the thing you came for. Finding the time and will to tidy your basement can be really demanding and it often seems impossible. The basement is an essential part of your home and it should be taken care of.

If you live in Westminster, CO, and considering getting a deep cleaning, you can find some very reliable companies there.

You would like your basement to go from a dirty to a spotless storage space? Keep reading to learn some tips.

How do you deep clean a basement

How do you deep clean a basement?

Whether you want a neat and fresh kitchen or you just don’t want an unkempt basement, you should plan everything in advance. If so, this part of home maintenance can be done with less effort:


You should prepare the equipment you need: a vacuum cleaner, a broom, a mop, cloths, cleansers, a bucket with warm water, a long-handled duster, a fan, plastic boxes, bins, and a marker.


 You should go through all your things and decide whether you are keeping, donating, or throwing them away. Forget about the “I might need this one day” way of thinking. Instead, think about how long these things had been lying in your dusty basement. If you haven’t used something for over a year, throw it out or donate it to someone who will use it more often.


You should be detailed when dusting. Pay attention to the areas that are hard to reach, especially the ones behind the furniture. For cobwebs, you should use a long-handled duster, not forgetting about the ceiling and the corners. Grab the cloths and dust off all the objects in your basement.

Sweeping and vacuuming

First, you should sweep the debris and dirt, and then vacuum the rest for a smooth finish. Again, pay special attention to the parts behind the appliances. It’s the same for both concrete and carpeted floors.


Use a hygiene product of your choice, a cloth, and a mop. Scrub the floor and wipe off the appliances and other objects. Use a mop and warm water at the end. Wait for it to dry.


Fight off the mold by scrubbing the molded area, waiting for it to dry, and painting over it. Remove moisture using a fan or a humidifier, or simply by keeping the window open for at least a day. Throw out the moldy carpets. All these steps should help with the musty smell, too.


Take plastic boxes and bins, and sort everything (documents, decorations, materials, old toys, etc). To make this easier, use the marker for labeling. To make the basement more spacious, hang some things on the wall (a bicycle for example).

Where in Westminster, CO can I find professional deep cleaning services?

Are you unwilling to set aside the time to tackle the basement yourself? Would you like to hire seasoned pros to take care of your living room? Do you want someone reliable to clean up your basement or do you have pets and tons of hair and dirt? Here is the great news! Clean Queen is a dependable and customer-oriented company that can help you with all of this and more. 

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Where in Westminster, CO can I find professional deep cleaning services