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How to Make a Quality Housekeeping Schedule


Knowing how often to clean each part of your house can help keep it looking its best. From the floors to the ceilings, there are a lot of places that can get dirty if they’re not taken care of on a regular basis. Creating a housekeeping schedule can help!

Certain rooms need more attention and more regular cleanings. Whether you decide to handle the cleaning yourself or to get some help from a maid service, you should get well-informed first. Let’s take a look at some common areas in your home and how often you should clean them.

How often should you clean your whole house?

The frequency of cleaning depends on many factors. How many people live in the house, whether or not you have pets, to name a few. There are some general guidelines that can help you develop a cleaning schedule that works for you and your family.

How often should you clean your whole house


Living alone

If you live by yourself, once a week should be sufficient. 

Living with roommates

With roommates it’s generally a good idea to clean together once a week so that everyone pitches in and the workload is divided evenly. 

Living with children

If you have kids they may be able to help with specific age-appropriate tasks.  Still, you might need to take care of the house more often than once a week.

Living with pets

If you have a pet, you’ll need to factor in additional time to clean up pet hair and wash pet bedding. This may increase the duration and regularity of the cleanups.

What parts of your house need to be cleaned regularly?

First, you need to identify which parts of your house need to be taken care of on a regular basis. This will vary depending on various factors. However, there are some basic areas that should be included in every house cleaning schedule. 

The Kitchen

This is where food is prepared, so it’s important to keep countertops, appliances, and floors clean and free of bacteria. Aim to clean the kitchen at least once a week.

The Living Room and Other Common Areas

These are the areas where you and your family spend most of your time.  You’ll want to vacuum or sweep floors, dust surfaces, and tidy up at least every other day. 

The Bedrooms

Because bedrooms are private spaces, you can get away with cleaning them less often than in other parts of the house. Once a week should be sufficient.

The Bathrooms

Bathrooms see a lot of traffic and can quickly become dirty. For this reason, you should do some basic cleaning every two to three days. Opt for a deeper clean once a week.

The Outdoor Areas

Depending on the season, you may need to do things like shovel snow, rake leaves, or mow the lawn on a regular basis. Add these tasks to your schedule as needed so your property always looks its best.

Where in Arvada and the surrounding area can I find an experienced maid service

Where can I find a reliable maid service in Arvada and the surrounding area?

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