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Small Kitchen, Less Cleaning


As a cleaning business owner of over 10 years…

…I see it is best to have a small kitchen and have a bigger living space. Let me tell you my thoughts on small kitchens that I encounter on a daily basis. Small kitchens are becoming popular as urban living is becoming a must in this economy. Urban homeowners are abandoning large kitchens with all of its appliances and need for cleaning in exchange for more living space. Here are some of the top trends in small space kitchen design that I believe will minimize your kitchen cleaning:

  1. Maximizing Storage: Every inch of space counts. Utilize vertical space with tall cabinets, wall-mounted shelves, and hanging organizers. Use space-saving appliances, such as under-counter refrigerators and dishwashers.
  2. Multifunctional Furniture: Furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as a breakfast bar that doubles as a workspace or a dining table that can fold up to save space. Choose chairs that can be tucked under the table when not in use.
  3. Open Shelving: Open shelving can be a great way to display decorative items and make the kitchen feel more open. However, it’s important to keep the shelves organized and clutter-free to avoid a cramped appearance.
  4. Hidden Storage Solutions: Utilize hidden storage solutions, such as pull-out drawers, cabinet organizers, and appliance garages, to keep clutter at bay and maximize usable space.
  5. Personal Touches: Personalize your small kitchen with decorative items that reflect your style and personality. Add artwork, plants, or unique kitchenware to make the space feel like your own.

Now Comes the Cleaning Part…


Well it doesn’t have to be that way. By managing your small kitchen with the tips above, you are setting yourself and whoever else lives in your home up for efficiency. With efficiency comes less clutter which comes with less cleaning. No one truly wants to clean, except for us! You can always have an efficient kitchen of any size and still call your favorite professional cleaning service!