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Deep Cleaning Tips for Fall and Winter


The Importance of Annual Winter Deep Cleaning in Denver

Greetings Neighbor!

Summer is a glorious season! It’s filled with nature’s blessings, fun and leisure activities everywhere, delicious and thrilling backyard barbecues, and memorable family gatherings that leave any kitchen sink full and our Denver houses a little tousled. However, this is a good thing as we bid farewell to the sun’s shine and welcome the crisp air of Fall. It’s time to transition our homes for the upcoming colder months of Fall and beyond. These are the months when our entire families, including our dogs and cats, spend more time indoors, and a quality deep clean is a must. Below are some tips you can do yourself, and if you would rather spend that time on yourself, please, feel free to treat yourself and call Clean Queen of Westminster today!

Unique But Familiar Tests For Homes in Thornton and Arvada

Residences, homes, and dwellings alike in Thornton, Arvada, and the surrounding areas experience distinct Summer and Fall challenges:

  • Summer Scraps and Remnants – Summer allows for the whole family to enjoy Nature’s bounty. From the curious backyard earthworm grubs that your children just have to pick through and bring back in for inside ‘show-and-tell’, to the muddied sandy lake shores that your pets love to roll in and more, your home has to take on a lot to stay ‘fresh’ for you, your family, your friends, and your visitors.
  • Preparing for Fall and Winter Season – Homes in Arvada, Thornton, Broomfield, Northglenn and Westminster have to prepare for Fall and Winter. Being prepared for Winter in these Colorado towns are an ongoing process, and a major transition that not all homes in the world get to see nor understand.

    • All homes in the Denver area must go through a seasonal transition from Summer to Fall that ultimately gets them ready for Winter. This yearly transition involves:

        • Bettering one’s home’s insulation
        • Getting a roof inspection
        • Improving a home’s gutters and downspouts
        • Ensuring the plumbing is in order for all bathtubs and showers
        • Acknowledging that the heating system is in order or that the fireplace is safe
        • Doing any exterior maintenance for the safety reasons
        • Getting outdoor equipment ready for snow and frost
        • Creating and filling storage for emergency Winter food supplies.

Prioritized Deep Cleaning Areas: Thornton and Arvada Homes

To ensure your home is fresh, clean, and ready for Fall and then for Winter, the following items are a must for dusting, vacuuming, and annual deep cleaning. These are a few key areas and items that demand attention before the Fall season is fully on us:

  • AC Units: A.K.A. The Dust Unit of Denver

    After working so hard for us all throughout the Summer, AC units collect dust and debris due to neglect. We usually don’t care about the device now that the sun is not as intense as it was during Summer. Some people don’t realize it, but in newer homes, it is the AC Unit, with its heating pumps, and not the furnace, that actually heats the home. Cleaning out the AC unit from its peak usefulness in Summer, to the debris of Fall, will bring about its efficiency in Winter.

  • Windows: Embrace the Enchantment of Fall in Arvada

    Fall foliage always offers a breathtaking view through anyone’s window, except if they’re dirty! Really, they need to be spotless to not hinder the glory that is Fall and Winter. I try my best to clean the windows first any rooms I’m cleaning because it is the highest thing I can reach. Remember to clean areas high to low, left to right for the most efficient clean.

  • Transforming Your Home for Warm Holiday Gatherings in Denver

    How does the saying go? Home is where the heart is? Well, it certainly is when family is there for the fast-approaching holiday season. Even if you do not celebrate any upcoming holidays or have any family visiting, you have that certain warmth, that certain urge to stay home. It just feels right. Deep cleaning one’s home before they have company over or even as an annual tradition is perfect during this time of year as one is usually at home indoors more than usual, but what if they have other things going on? What if they know they are not the best of cleaners? Do yourself a favor and contact Clean Queen!

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Denver Home Cleaning

Proper cleaning requires strategy, tenacity, and heart, especially when transitioning between seasons to keep a germ-free, eco-friendly-home.

  • Embrace Nature, Love Nature \ Use eco-friendly products. They are germ-free and green, making them safe to use for our planet. They protect the environment from harmful chemicals as well as those within the household. We all thrive to keep our loved ones safe and healthy, and we should be doing so while we clean, too.
  • Clean With Strategy In Mind\ Prioritize areas that are used most by humans and animals. Give it some thought. Where do you have to go in a house most? Where can you not go in a house to be able to live in it? Humans and animals cannot live in homes without going through entrance ways/doorways, eating in or getting food from kitchens, and using bathrooms. We need these areas clean often, and keeping these areas clean are our greatest battles in life.
  • Engaging Professionals: When and Why?\ Sometimes life just gets out of hand. We know we need the bathrooms and kitchens clean often, we know we should be using eco-friendly products, but there is only so much time in a day for all of this. For all of this and then some, the best decision is to call in the experts. For deep cleaning tasks, professionals like Clean Queen ensure the job is done right making your Denver area home ready for the upcoming Winter.

Clean Queen: Colorado’s Cleaning Solution for Denver Area

For residents of Thornton, Arvada, and surrounding areas, Clean Queen stands out as the go-to deep cleaning service for one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and recurring natural affordable licensed and insured quality deep cleaning services. With a commitment to excellency, Clean Queen guarantees a home ready for all seasons. With a free quote, you will be on your way to a happier you and a much more affordable, deeper, and cleaner home you will be telling your friends about in no time.


Finally, preparing your home for Winter’s upcoming changes is crucial, especially for the Denver Metro area. You will be rest assured Clean Queen will be there for you and your homes’ changes to come for the end of this year and the beginning of the next.


  • Why is deep cleaning at the end of summer important?\ It helps get your home ready for Fall and Winter seasons. This ensures your home is ready and comfortable for these seasons as well.
  • Can I use regular cleaning products for deep cleaning projects?\ While regular products may work equally, natural, green, or eco-friendly products are recommended for a safer and more thorough clean.
  • How often should I clean my AC units?\ First, AC units should be cleaned at least once a year, preferably at the end of summer.  And then, this clean is usually done before Fall in areas with tree foliage.
  • Why choose Clean Queen for my deep or recurring cleaning needs?\ Clean Queen offers a professional cleaning service that is efficient! They have  deep cleaning services tailored for homes in Thornton, Arvada, and beyond.
  • What month is best to start my end-of-Summer deep cleaning?\ August or early September is your best time to get your house ready for Fall.