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Fun Facts About Housekeeping


Some people enjoy cleaning while others do it only when they have to. Whether it has become a routine or you try to avoid doing it, you might be disregarding the complexity and importance of this process. Regular clean-ups demand good organizational skills and time management but are also very beneficial for you and your environment.

There are some interesting facts about housekeeping that may inspire you to spend more time on it or to opt for reliable maid services in Westminster and the area. Read on to learn more!

What are some fun facts about housekeeping?

Cleaning your home has numerous health benefits, but only if you do it right. Specific facts can help you complete this process:

1. The kitchen sink is the dirtiest place at home

Many experts say the kitchen sink might be dirtier than your toilet seat. We regularly disinfect our toilet seats while forgetting that we should do it with the kitchen sink, too. It’s a very moist place and wet things such as sponges and dishcloths are a perfect place for bacteria.

2. The kitchen is the dirtiest room

The dirtiest room in your home is your kitchen. At first, it might sound like a surprise, but it’s a place where the food is kept and is a wet area, meaning it’s a home for various vile bacteria and other potentially harmful substances. The bacteria that grow on meat are the most dangerous you can find in the kitchen and food-born illnesses occur very often.

3. Dust comprises mostly of your dead skin cells

Dust is something you may be familiar with, but many of you didn’t know that it’s mostly comprised of dead human skin cells. An average person sheds 1000 skin cells per hour, making them a significant part of household dust (almost 80 percent of dust). There are also other particles such as fiber, mold, hair, etc.

4. Cleaning is not the same as disinfection

When you’re cleaning, it means you’re removing dirt, dust, and any other visible soils from the surface. When you’re disinfecting, you’re killing the germs, viruses, and other disease-carrying microorganisms. Therefore, it’s not possible to disinfect before previously cleaning the surfaces.

5. A multitude of couples argue about clean-ups

A great number of cohabiting couples argue about cleaning. Almost 30 percent of them argue about who should clean, around 25 percent about how often, while more than 15% argue about the cleaning methods. 

6. Housekeeping burns calories

While keeping your home fresh and presentable or preparing your home for a housekeeper, you’ll also burn calories. For example, one hour of dusting will burn around 160 calories. For heavier scrubbings, such as mopping floors or washing your windows, expect to burn 320 – 380 calories per hour. 

7. You should be more careful about flushing the toilet 

When flushing the toilet, toilet plumes or small particles will spread throughout the air. You can breathe these particles in, or they can attach themselves to your toothbrush. Remember to keep the brush in your cabinet and make sure to close the lid when flushing the toilet.

What are some fun facts about housekeeping

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