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How to Set Up a Practical Cleaning Routine


Keeping your home speckless is so much more than sweeping and dusting every once in a while. It’s a demanding list of chores to check off. However, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming and overwhelming. The secret to a well-maintained and organized living space lies in setting up a cleaning routine that works for you

In addition to some of the time-saving cleaning techniques that can help those with a tight schedule, establishing a good cleaning schedule can keep you on track, no matter how busy your life gets. 

Of course, hiring professional house cleaning services in Thornton or anywhere else for that matter is another possible solution to keep your home clean. However, if you decide to do it on your own, here’s how to set up your cleaning routine.

What is a good home cleaning schedule

How do I start a cleaning routine?

Just like any other routine. As simple as that. If you’re not satisfied with how tidy your home is, forming new habits or improving old ones is necessary. And the more you cycle through the chores, the easier they’ll integrate into your regular life. 

Here are a few easy steps to try:

  • Evaluate how much time you have for cleaning
  • Make a list of chores you can stick to
  • Gather all the supplies you need
  • Work on prioritizing chores
  • Set up reminders
  • Make it fun


Then again, managing the entire household on your own can be quite tricky, so getting the whole family on board at least once a week might be a good idea. 

What is a good home cleaning schedule?

Since your main goals are creating a sense of harmony and hygiene, an efficient routine is the one that keeps a home neat all-year-round:

Basic cleaning: Coming up with a personalized schedule that fits your lifestyle often seems impossible. However, taking your needs into account and creating a doable day-to-day checklist means having your living space under control without compromising on everyday life. 

Spring cleaning: Although the seasonal deep home cleaning is most commonly carried out during springtime, you can perform it two to three times a year. This is your best chance todeal with a heavy buildup and stubborn stains from top to bottom.

With so many options on the market, choosing the right supplies is incredibly important. For the highest quality and safety of your loved ones, use cleaners recommended by pros, such as EPA-approved products.

How do I start a cleaning routine

What should a cleaning schedule include?

Although having a consistently clean home means a commitment to essential daily tasks, the good news is it will cut on all the future scouring. 

Here’s what a proper cleaning schedule encompasses: 

Daily cleaning schedule: Consider these as-you-go tasks since they shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes each. For instance, take out the trash, put the remotes back to their designated areas, strip your bed, toss dirty clothes into the laundry basket, get rid of dirty dishes, etc.

Weekly cleaning schedule: To keep your home spick and span, outline a weekly schedule that suits your needs, so you can easily find the time to vacuum, mop the floors, dust the curtains and light fixtures, wash the windows, clean the stove and degrease the oven, polish the appliances, etc. 

Seasonal cleaning: Although deep cleaning chores are often considered the most exhausting, doing them twice a year will make a huge impact on your upkeep habits. Don’t forget to clean the gutters thoroughly, vents, sanitize inside and out of the cabinets, deep-clean the appliances, wash the outside accessories, and declutter your place. etc. 

Where can I book dependable house cleaning services across Thornton?

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