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How to Speed-Clean Like a Pro


Let’s face it: tidying up your place can be overwhelming. Whether you’re hosting a special event or you’re trying to have a quick cleaning session, it often takes too much of your time and energy. No wonder that most people choose to outsource this task to professionals in house cleaning service  who can help them maintain their homes in Thornton and across the region. 

However, there are a few tricks and methods such as speed cleaning that can make this daily chore easier for you. Of course, you first need to learn what this method actually entails and how to handle it properly.

Once you master the skill of speed cleaning, you can include it in your cleaning routine. Along with a list of premium-quality cleaning supplies, these time-saving techniques and cleaning tricks can help you check off chores from your checklist at record speed.

How can I speed clean my house

What is the speed cleaning method?


Speed cleaning your home means developing an efficient method to maintain order and cleanliness even on your busiest days. To reduce the time needed for cleaning, hurrying won’t do any good, but consistency will. The key to the amount of sparkle you bring to your home solely depends on how well-prepared you are. And with the right strategy, you can master any room in just 15 minutes.

How can I speed clean my house?


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends around twenty-four hours a month on housework. Although there’s no way to avoid dirt, there are smart ways to avoid spending hours sprucing up your living space: 

Every move counts: To do it like a pro, you have to act like a pro. Don’t circle the room and backtrack. Instead, give every movement a purpose. Spray and disinfect high-touch items, wipe and polish glass surfaces, scrub the sinks, degrease stove and oven, and clean the appliances as you move.

Obtain quality supplies: These are your major time-savers, so make sure to purchase the right cleaning products before you start with the clean-up. If you’re wondering what to have by your side, here are some top choices: an all-purpose cleaner, a heavy-duty degreasing cleaner, and a disinfectant. 

Use proper tools: Specialized cleaning equipment and gadgets will help you go through the process faster. Without it, you’ll feel lost in no time. A few indispensable tools in your cleaning arsenal should encompass a laundry basket, sponges, microfiber cloth, scrub brush, vacuum cleaner, mop, and duster cleaner.

Prioritize: Just imagine the scenario where you’re short on time and the list of chores is endless. Identifying the ones that you can skip over can be quite helpful, whereas tackling those that can’t wait will make any hectic situation more manageable. 

Go logically: Recleaning items and surfaces will certainly not help you speed up, which is why it’s important to follow the laws of gravity and work on your space from top to bottom. This is the easiest way to get rid of the dust particles and dirt. Otherwise, your efforts might be wasted.

What is the speed cleaning method

Where do I find highly-skilled house cleaning service pros in Thornton?


If you’re not sure where to start tackling your chores orhow to prepare for in-depth cleaning properly, we’re here to help. Clean Queen Maid Service of Westminster is a certified and trusted eco-friendly company, offering a full spectrum of dependable cleaning services. Our highest priority is to keep you and your loved ones in a safe and hygienic environment, whether it’s a one-time service you need or a recurring one. 

We’ll be happy to minimize the stress of your everyday life and make your home sparkle while you have a day off at Clear Creek with your friends. Give us a call today and we’ll arrange all the details needed to cut your cleaning time in half.