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The Key Rules of Home Cleaning


Although cleaning is not something everybody loves, it’s inarguably a gateway to a hygienic and healthy home environment. However, in order for this process to be as effective as possible, you should perform it properly.  There are key rules of cleaning that must be followed to be efficient and effective. 

Sometimes, it can be demanding and time-consuming to perform in-depth and proper clean-ups, which is why people in Arvada and the area decide to choose professional housekeeping services. Until you opt for help like this, we’ve decided to make cleanings easier for you by preparing some golden rules you should follow for your peace of mind. Read on!

What are the key rules of cleaning?

A clean and fresh environment lifts up the mood immediately. If you want to have a hygienic and fresh home, you should simply make a few good habits and repeat them regularly. If you follow these proper clean-up strategies, you won’t have to spend hours on this task and the results will be optimal. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most important cleaning rules:

Clean regularly

You should create a cleaning routine and stick to it regularly. Use the right cleaning order so you avoid wasting your time and energy. Make your ultimate cleaning checklist and involve other family members. Make sure you do smaller tidy-up tasks such as making the bed and taking out the trash every day and perform a detailed sanitization at least once a week. These smaller tasks will ensure that you devote less time to sanitizing the whole home.


After you declutter your rooms, they will immediately look less messy and it will be much easier to sanitize them and keep them tidy. This simple task will ensure you have fewer items to wipe and move around when clearing space. Make sure you determine a place for each item and place it back after every use. You should also wash and fold your laundry regularly to avoid dirty laundry build-up. Also, throw away or donate things you no longer need.

Keep the cleaning equipment ready

You should have your cleaning station with all essential products and equipment available inside every room. This way you can do a quick upkeep of a certain area whenever it’s needed. You wouldn’t want to realize you’re short on an important product on the day of your weekly thorough clean-up. You should also avoid making the mistake of not sanitizing your kit after every use. This way you’ll prepare it for the next time and avoid germs and allergens build-up.

Use the right cleaning methods from top to bottom

If you want optimum results, make sure to scrub and wipe from top to bottom. This way the dirt and dust that falls down will be removed later on. Start with the tasks that require dry methods such as dusting and vacuuming.

Then move on to wet options such as mopping and window wiping. Using the right products, not mixing them, and avoiding using them in excessive amounts are also very important techniques you should implement.

Where in Arvada can I find dependable housekeeping services?

With ample experience and knowledge we’ve gathered over years of providing client-oriented cleanings to our appreciated customers, Clean Queen has everything that’s necessary to ensure your home is thoroughly sanitized and presentable in a prompt and hassle-free way.

You can rest assured that our team of pros is insured, bonded, and qualified to provide you with reliable cleaning services using quality green products. We thoroughly screen every member and conduct regular performance checks for your peace of mind.

Whether you’re located near Olde Town Arvada or in the surrounding community, you can count on us. Call us or book your service online!

What are the general rules of cleaning