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5 Expert Bathroom Cleaning Tips


Your bathroom is the single most sensitive room in your house in terms of cleaning. After all, that’s where you and the other members of your household take care of your hygiene on a daily basis. Hiring a recurring maid service in Broomfield is the single most effective way to keep your bathroom fresh and sanitized at all times.

Knowing how to do it yourself is still something that will inevitably come in handy sooner or later. We’ve compiled a list so you can learn 5 time-tested bathroom cleaning tips that will help you take your bathroom cleaning to the next level!

How do I clean my bathroom like a professional?

Here are 5 bathroom cleaning tips every household can benefit from:

1. Make wet mopping a habit

One way to give your tile floors an extra-deep clean is by wet mopping them once a week. More frequently if you have higher traffic. To do this effectively without damaging your tile grout, you’ll want to use a steam mop. Once the area has been wet mopped, let it dry for about an hour before using your bathroom again.

2. Disinfect your counters and sinks

Don’t forget that your bathroom surfaces are touched by dirty hands multiple times per day, especially if you have children. To avoid this, spray them down with an EPA-approved disinfectant regularly so germs don’t get a chance to spread. 

You should also clean out your sink traps at least once per month. This is because hair can get caught in them and start giving off mildew-like odors if not removed. With a few tricks, you can clean your sink to make it look like new.

3. Clean bathtubs & showers daily

No one likes to step into a dirty bathtub or shower, so be sure to clean yours out each night before bed. With just a little effort, you can clean your shower like a pro. If there are soap scum stains on your tub that won’t come off with just water and soap, try rubbing them out with a wet melamine sponge.

4. Wash tiles and grout regularly

Regularly wipe down bathroom tiles, especially the ones in the shower that accumulate a lot of soap scum. However, don’t forget to also give your tile grout lines a thorough scrubbing once in a while as they can easily become grimy over time. To do this, use a grout brush on them so that soap scum doesn’t have too much time to build up.

5. Avoid using vinegar and ammonia

Ammonia is great for cleaning windows and cutting grease, but don’t forget that it’s not the best option when it comes to general cleaning. It can damage marble surfaces if used incorrectly, and can even cause skin irritation or burns. 

Vinegar also has an acidity level of around five percent, which means both substances should be avoided in bathrooms with natural stone tiles like marble. Be sure to check which surfaces you can clean with bleach, but keep in mind that you also need to handle it carefully.


Where can I find a reliable maid service in Broomfield?

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