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How to Clean a Shower Like a Pro


Showers are one of the dirtiest areas in our homes. They regularly come into contact with all the grime, hair, dead skin, bacteria, and more we wash off of our bodies.

In the following article, we’ll help you keep your showers spotless by answering some key questions about shower cleaning. Read on to learn more.

What do professional cleaners use to clean showers?

In addition to standard cleaning products such as microfiber cloths and bathroom cleaners (or equivalent green cleaning supplies). Here are some common items you can use to clean your showers:

  • Scrubbing brushes are one of the first tools cleaning professionals will use. These brushes enable you to keep your feet out of the water as you clean, and allow you to lift soap scum from tile walls and floors without scratching them. Stiff bristle brushes can be used to remove mold from the grout joints.
  • Scouring pads (or green scrubs, as they are commonly called) are another popular tool. Green scrubs don’t leave any loose fibers on your shower because their material is very durable and resistant to shedding.
  • Cleaning sticks, which can either be made from products such as mineral oil and resin or products such as plastic. These tools work to break up stubborn dirt in corners and areas that are not easily reached with a brush.

How to professionally clean a shower?

Start by removing all of your shower curtains and liners. Next, remove any items that are on the floor or shelves of the shower such as shampoo bottles and bar soap. This will give you easy access to the surfaces you’re going to clean.

Now you can begin cleaning in earnest:

Step #1: Clean

Spray the shower down with an all-purpose cleaner so that you can start removing soap scum from surfaces such as tiles. Spray your scrubbing brush or green scrubber with water before using it to remove build-up from the walls and floor of the shower. Use a sponge or a cloth to wipe everything down, before scrubbing away stubborn grime with a toothbrush.

Step #2: Rinse & Dry

Rinse with the shower hose or a cup. Use dry cloths to wipe down and buff the walls and floor of the shower. Don’t forget to wipe away any soap scum that may remain from the shelves and other surfaces in the shower. You can use an absorbent material like felt because it is soft enough not to scratch or damage tiles or any other surfaces in the bathroom. However, there are also disposable paper towels available for those who do not want to take on extra laundry.


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