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The Present & Future Trends of the Cleaning Industry 🥇


We’ve all witnessed the growth and the development of the cleaning industry over the past years and one of the factors is definitely the fast-running\ technology and the coronavirus outbreak. With numerous companies in Arvada providing high-quality home maintenance, it’s hard to choose the right maid\ service.

The ability to recognize how the cleaning industry has changed and will change in the future is of utmost importance to anyone planning to start their own\ business, change the type of cleaning they use, or hire someone new.  Keep on reading if you’re interested to learn more about the present and future housekeeping trends

The cleaning industry has grown and developed significantly over the last few years.\ Statistics say that since 2011, the cleaning sector has increased by 6.6 percent per year. The pandemic outbreak helped it develop even more while also causing\ significant changes in the way we think about professional home maintenance and maids. A stricter screening process is being applied to both, while housekeeping\ is no longer a matter of routine.

What are the trends in the cleaning industry

Global warming and thinning of the ozone layer have caused companies and households to become concerned about the environment. This is why there is a higher\ demand for green cleaning products among clients and service providers. Moreover, this is the reason why sustainable cleaning is becoming more popular.

Using biological and eco-friendly products along with safer processes can significantly reduce air and water pollution. For this reason, using washable mop\ heads and cloths, reusable items, cleaning supplies made of recycled materials, as well as reducing plastic waste are some of the current trends in the\ industry.

What is the future of the cleaning industry?

Research shows that by 2024 over 80% of families will require residential cleaning services. The demand for eco-friendly practices will be even higher and\ businesses will continue to assess their carbon footprint.

It is inevitable that technology will continue to influence this industry. For instance, there are automated cleaning machines such as robot cleaners and vacuums\ or fully autonomous scrubbers that can make your daily routine way easier.

There are also advanced upkeep techniques on the horizon:

  1. Electrostatic sprayer – The sprayer applies an electrical charge to aerosols as they pass through the nozzle. The surface should be neat before spraying.
  2. Antimicrobialsurface protection – When sprayed or wiped, these products are good protection against germs,\ bacteria, and mold.
  3. Using ultraviolet light for disinfection – UV light prevents microorganisms from reproducing. Scientists even believe that this method should prove effective at destroying various pathogens.
  4. The use of AI – As we can see through a broad selection of smart appliances, it has already made its way toward the cleaning industry but will continue to emerge.
What is the future of the cleaning industry

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