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A Short History of Housekeeping


Knowing history gives us a better understanding of the present and the future. So, learning about the history of housekeeping can provide quite an insight\ into the past and how society has changed over time.

Isn’t it amazing that ancient people used clay and ashes for clean-ups, yet now there are a variety of maid services available across Arvada and the region?\ If you want to find out more about the development of home upkeep, read on to learn in what ways cleaning techniques, methods, and roles changed throughout\ history

What is the history of housekeeping services?

Housekeeping has incredibly changed over the centuries:

What is the history of maid services

Attitude toward hygiene

Attitudes toward hygiene and its significance evolved significantly.

Moses gave the Israelites the laws regarding personal hygiene because it was related to health and religious\ purification.

Hygiene level and aesthetics were extremely important to Ancient Egyptian culture. They deeply valued cleanliness – of their\ environment, themselves, and their dead.

Greeks saw the great importance of cleanliness, too. During the 6th century BC, they used basins and chamber pots for public baths.

Romans bathed regularly and built public baths, too.

After the Fall of Rome, a dramatic decline in hygiene standards happened. People stopped bathing, the sewage system was non-existent, and the streets were\ filled with household and bodily waste. As a result, the Middle Ages saw the spread of various deadly diseases, such as the Black Death.

After this period the connection between diseases and\ unhygienic practices was discovered and cleanliness became customary and fashionable.

Supplies and equipment

There is soap-like residue found on the insides of clay vessels that belonged to Ancient Babylonians.

The Ancient Egyptians combined animal and vegetable oils with salts to make a soap-like material for washing.

Greeks used clay, sand, and ashes for maintenance.

Wealthy Romans used wool and rosewater when bathing while a century later they used a sponge and salt water.

Odd as it sounds, Scots used stale human urine for laundering in the 1500s.

However, during 1800 the soap industry started to grow. Also, in the 1860s, the first vacuum cleaners made their appearance. Some even needed two people to\ operate them. In the following years, dishwashers were invented, and paper towels were introduced.


Until the 1900s the majority of middle and high-class households had their homes tackled by servants.

Ancient Egyptians had slaves that performed housekeeping and primping tasks for them.

During the Renaissance period, the rich hired lower-class women to handle their household chores. Unfortunately, they were often exploited and underpaid for\ their great efforts.

When it comes to WWI and WWII, women discovered they were capable of doing a wide range of jobs other than maid work. This led to a significant decline in\ maids, with even wealthy women having to look after their homes themselves.

In every household, the person responsible for performing daily, weekly, and monthly\ household tasks was a woman. Nowadays, men perform a great deal of household chores and there are an increasing number of male cleaners. Also, maid services\ are considered a potential career option. This is why numerous companies provide professional clean-ups for a fair price while home maintenance trends continue to evolve.

Who offers reliable maid services in Arvada & the surrounding areas

Who offers reliable maid services in Arvada & the surrounding areas?

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